One good thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain. Bob Marley

Calling For Serenity is a music project combining rock styles with powerful synth sounds usually found in trance music. Trust us, it works.

Lyrically, we deal with mental health and social issues ~ which often carries the misconception that the songs are themselves depressing, and full of misery and angst. Our songs aim to connect with people who experience issues such as depression, anxiety, low self esteem and self injury. We want to create music that resonates with people and offers understanding, empathy and a feeling of positivity. We want to highlight the issues affecting society and mental health.



The issue of mental health is something we feel could be more openly embraced by society, which would certainly be beneficial to anyone struggling with mental wellbeing. We’d like to help contribute something towards a world where people who speak about mental health aren’t considered “brave”, but simply that being open about it is normal and accepted as something people can do freely and without judgement. We want to promote a general attitude where anyone can speak out, and that mental health is taken seriously ~ it is not and should not be thought of as something a person can simply shake off or snap out of, any more than you can shake off a broken arm or snap out of a ruptured spleen.


CP Lee

Founders CP Lee and Terrains are the guys behind the songs. CP Lee is a rapper and producer who has been writing and recording vocal parts for our songs. Terrains is a musician and producer, and creates the music and lyrics for the songs, sometimes some vocals too. Both are members of Rize or Demize records.

Anne Sumner is a singer/songwriter, and released her own album in 2015 as well as recording vocal parts for Calling For Serenity’s debut EP “Endless Numbers”.


Anne Sumner

Thank you for visiting our site, and please remember that we want to get involved in promoting good mental health as well as good attitudes to mental health. You can contact us to talk about our music or about mental wellbeing in general, and anyone who needs to talk should reach out to the wonderful resources and services available to tackle mental health issues.

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